Tarot Cosmology Mentorship

Explore the depths of yourself, your deck, and your offering to this world

Click here to apply for the mentorship. After I receive your application, you’ll be invited to schedule a 30-minute discovery call.

Do you know what the cards in your tarot deck mean, but don’t feel like you have your own language for them?

Are you ready to give more potent intuitive readings, but feel stuck checking your notes or parroting a reading you double-tapped on Instagram?

Would you like to finally feel that your understanding of tarot is built upon your unique gifts, using your life as the template, and your experience as the map?

Do you feel called to read tarot professionally, and want to commit to an authentic and ethical practice that can truly serve others?


The Tarot Cosmology Mentorship is an advanced study of tarot based on the only guidebook that really matters: your beliefs.

Guided by tarot mentor Sarah M. Chappell (that’s me!), you will be invited to dedicate six months to the profound changes possible in your life. This mentorship will explore the depth of your offering to this world through the lens of tarot, and will provide you with the tools and support you need to fully realize your gifts. Part personalized advanced tarot course, part intuitive coaching, the Tarot Cosmology Mentorship will be shaped to your desires and your goals.

During our six months together, we will:

  • Share 60-minute sessions every other week via Zoom video conferencing to create the consistent container required to enact lasting change.

  • Explore all 78 tarot cards, develop your personal spreads, and discover how you are called to read tarot, all expanding upon your current knowledge.

  • Develop your personal Tarot Cosmology, so your beliefs are fully reflected in your personal understanding of the cards

  • Open gateways to the tarot through trance, ritual, and spellwork

  • Hone your skills as a reader to support others, include ethics, space-holding, and straight-up practice

  • Develop a business plan (if desired) that aligns with your values

  • Craft a final research project that will clarify and bring forth your unique voice and tarot vocation

[The mentorship has] absolutely been life changing for me! I love the layers of Tarot and the interconnectedness of them all. It’s my favorite new tool in my tool kit for navigating life.
— Ruth, mentorship client

The Mentorship includes 12 60-minute sessions over six months, customized guided meditations and rituals, access to Sarah’s Tarot for Self-Care program, unlimited WhatsApp messaging for the duration of your menotrship, business development support, and more.


The Tarot Cosmology Mentorship is for you if:

  • You want to learn to use the tarot as a tool to care deeply for yourself and others, grounded in compassion and self-care.

  • You are ready to show up and do the work! This may require memorization, outside reading, and lifestyle changes around movement and nourishment.

  • You want to read professionally, and choose to invest in developing your unique tarot voice so you can truly serve.

  • You already have some tarot knowledge, and are ready to go deeper.

  • You’ve tried one-size-fits-all courses and coaching, and want to work with mentor who is a true partner along your journey.

  • You are finished with feeling like everything is outside of your control, and are willing to find the seat of your own power.

Choosing Sarah as my mentor was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Her mentorship allowed me to believe more in myself.
— Kat Hall of Soul's Work Tarot

This Mentorship is not for you if:

  • You want the easy way out. I can guide and facilitate and share and teach, but I cannot do the work for you.

  • You have never studied tarot. A working knowledge of the cards is necessary for this mentorship.

  • You feel that you know everything there is to know about tarot.

  • You think magic is stupid. Doubt is fine, as is skepticism, but if you've written off the ability to effect change in this world, the Mentorship is not for you.

Working with Sarah over the long term has helped me through blocks, depressions, fears and failures as well as helped open up my heart to joy and the privilege of caring for myself with love and kindness.
— Lacey


The Mentorship is open only by application, and the exchange for the full program is $4000. Payment plans are available.

If you feel called to explore your personal tarot vocation, I invite you to begin the application process by filling out the form at this link. After receiving your application, you will be invited to schedule a 30-minute discovery call.